What Is The World’s Largest Cruise Ship?

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Mar 01
World’s Largest Cruise Ship

Traveling might be enjoyable, but not everyone can keep up with an active itinerary. This is especially true for older people who might prefer a more relaxing vacation. This is where cruise ship packages come in.

The price of cruise ship packages can range from affordable to outright extravagant. Fortunately, the experience is well worth the expense. Curious? Here’s everything you need to know about cruise ship packages. Have money to splurge? I’ll give you some information on the world’s largest cruise ship, too.​


What is a Cruise Ship?

What is a Cruise Ship

Before I give you the basics of cruise tours, let me first give you a quick overview of what a cruise ship is. What makes it so different from commercial ship lines?

Simply put, a cruise ship is a luxury vessel used to take passengers on an enjoyable voyage. Unlike in commercial shipping lines, the focus is on providing a memorable experience for the passengers and merely getting them from one port to another.

The itinerary varies from one cruising company to another. The cruise could last anywhere from a day to a week or so. In shorter cruises, the highlight is often the amenities of the cruise ship itself. In week-long cruises, meanwhile, there will often be stopovers at certain ports.​

Is Cruising Expensive?

Is Cruising Expensive

It depends on which cruise you are booking. For short, local cruises, you can often get packages for as low as $50. This is a great deal considering that a cruise package is inclusive of fare, meals, entertainment, and activities.

Additional fees may also be imposed for a variety of activities on top of those provided onboard. Shore excursions and snorkeling may be organized, for example. Note that these services are only add-ons. If you’re on a budget, you can stick with the amenities onboard.

Of course, longer cruises from luxury lines can be very pricey. If you’re booking an inter-country or intercontinental cruise, you can easily spend several hundred to thousands of dollars. Of course, the amenities and services are top-notch and certainly memorable.​

Are All Cruise Ships Alike?

Are All Cruise Ships Alike

Certainly not. Not only are cruise ships vastly different in terms of size, but each has a “personality” of its own. There are cruise ships specifically suited for cruising on rivers. There are also those which are explorer-oriented. There are also ones which are perfect for families.

The larger, more popular cruise ships are often decadent luxury ships. Going on a cruise on a luxury ship is a lot like traveling onboard a moving hotel. The accommodations are luxurious and the food is indulgent.​

What is the Largest Cruise Ship in the World at Present?

Largest Cruise Ship in the World

The largest cruise ship at present is the “Harmony of the Seas”. It has a crew of 2,100 people and can accommodate up to 5,479 passengers. This huge cruise ship has 16 decks in total and a tonnage of an impressive 227,000. It was officially launched in 2016 and sails from Port Everglades to the Caribbean.

The Harmony of the Seas is known for its wide range of different features, making it perfect for families. Like its nearly identical fleet mate “Oasis of the Seas”, the Harmony of the Seas uses a “neighborhood” concept. This means that similar activities are grouped into neighborhoods.

There are seven neighborhoods on board the Harmony of the Seas. These are Central Park, Boardwalk, Royal Promenade, Entertainment Place, Youth Place, Vitality Sea Spa and Fitness Center, and Pool and Sports Zone. Each neighborhood has a complete set of amenities and services.

The entertainment onboard is also top-notch. Whether you are into winding down while listening to a guitarist or watching a full-blown theater production, Harmony of the Seas has something for you! The same goes for food. There are grab-and-go meals and multicourse dinner options.

Harmony of the Seas

This large cruise ship has a variety of cabin options as well. The cabins can accommodate anywhere from one passenger to a large company of 14. Some cabins also have connecting doors for families traveling together. Each cabin is fully furnished and has its own bathroom.

Inside cabins are less expensive than those with balcony views. If you love the sea but don't have the budget, don't worry, because inside cabins feature a virtual balcony. These virtual balconies are floor-to-ceiling TVs which feature a real-time feed from the ship's external cameras.

Want to enjoy the view? You can either opt for a room overlooking the sea or, if you prefer, one overlooking the neighborhoods.​


The World’s Largest Cruise Ship

Going on a cruise is a different travel experience altogether. For one, it is more relaxed than land-based traveling and excursions. Once you book a package, you no longer have to worry about your accommodations and mode of transportation.

Do you have any questions about cruising? Want to know more about cruise ships? Have travel-related concerns? Leave your inquiries on the comments below!

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