What Are The Best Traveling To Mexico Tips?

By Lily Evans | America

Nov 23

Visiting a foreign country is always an exciting experience. You get to see new places, enjoy local cuisine, and experience a different culture. But like other things, traveling abroad naturally has its own downsides.

It’s only natural to encounter glitches when visiting a place for the first time. Even Mexico, a lovely country with very friendly people, can be frustrating at times if you don’t adequately prepare for your trip. To make sure your visit is as enjoyable as possible, here are some handy traveling to Mexico tips.


Mexico Night

Pre-Flight Preparation

The key to an enjoyable and hassle-free trip is adequate preparation. While no amount of preparation can ensure that no mishap will happen during your trip, it can lessen the occurrences of glitches during your vacation.

Mexico is a relatively safe country for tourists. However, this doesn’t mean that you should let your guard down. Before leaving for Mexico, make sure to take the following safety precautions first:

Research Your Destination

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Before you make a hotel reservation, make sure to do some research on the area you’re staying in first. Make sure that you’d be staying in a safe neighborhood, preferably one frequented by tourists.

In addition, make sure to watch out for travel and health advisories. Outbreaks of viral infections and other communicable diseases are not uncommon, so make sure to check with your embassy first. This way, you can get the necessary vaccines before heading to your destination.​

Secure Copies of Your Travel Documents

Travel Documents

Your passport and identification are incredibly important when you’re traveling to a foreign country. For one, it might difficult to retrieve them and quite costly to replace. Also, they can give you some problems with immigration.

To forestall such situations, make sure to scan copies of your travel documents and email them to yourself. This way, you can easily access copies of your travel documents in case they are lost or stolen.

Plan Your Itinerary

Plan Your Itinerary

It’s great to do something spontaneous every once in a while, but it’s not advisable when you’re visiting a foreign country for the first time. That said, I would highly recommend planning your trip to Mexico in advance, including activities and accommodation.

Once you have your activities planned, make sure to leave a copy of your itinerary with a family member or friend. This way, they know where to find you in the case of emergencies.​

Keeping Safe

Tourists are usual targets of theft and other petty crimes. This is why it’s important to take precautionary measures even when traveling to a tourist-friendly destination. Here are some things you should keep in mind while staying in Mexico.

Take The Bus

Mexico Bus

Buses are incredibly common in Mexico, so unless you are in a hurry, it might be advisable to take the bus instead. If you absolutely have to take a cab, ask the hotel staff to hail a cab for you.

Withdraw in Banks and Large Establishments

Mexico Bank

ATMs are incredibly easy to come by. Unfortunately, some locations are not safe for withdrawing money. To keep yourself and your money secure, always withdraw in safe locations. Whenever possible, use your credit card.

Do Not Give Personal Information to Strangers

Socializing with the locals and other tourists can’t be helped, but as a precaution, don’t give out your personal information. If you have to meet with strangers, do it in a public place and never in your hotel room or accommodation.

Minimizing Expenses

Traveling is not cheap, but that doesn’t mean it has to be insanely expensive. Mexico, in particular, is one of those countries where it’s relatively affordable to spend a vacation in. To further minimize expenses, try to do the following:

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  • Travel off-season to score cheaper flights
  • Book your flights and accommodations in advance to score great deals and discounts.
  • Buy fresh produce from weekend markets and eat in food stalls. This way, you can experience authentic Mexican cuisine without spending too much.
  • Skip the more famous beach locations and tourist spots, and venture inland instead. Not only will you be able to avoid the throngs of tourists, but you will also be able to save a lot since goods are a lot cheaper the farther you go from the tourist hotspots.


Mexico is a great place to visit for first-timers. For one, it has a breathtaking landscape and a very vibrant culture. The people are also very friendly and accommodating. This is why it’s not surprising how tourists fall in love with the country after just one visit.

​There is really no way of ensuring that your trip will go without a hitch, but following these tips will minimize the likelihood of accidents. It will also help you minimize your expenses without scrimping on your vacation.


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