The Top 7 Amazing and Exciting Things to Do in Hong Kong

By Lily Evans | Asia

Apr 04
Things to Do in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of the most famous destinations in Asia right now, especially among tourists who want to go shopping. Hong Kong is a buzzing urban region, offering tourists with a splendid mixture of activities, sights, and culture.

Although fairly small in terms of land area, Hong Kong still has so much to offer to tourists and residents alike. No wonder travelers from all over the world flock this region! If you’re planning to visit this area soon, here are some things to do in Hong Kong which will make your vacation memorable.​


#1 Visit Hong Kong Disneyland

Hong Kong Disneyland

For the kids and the kids at heart, Hong Kong Disneyland is an attraction one just cannot miss. Like other Disneyland parks in different parts of the world, Hong Kong Disneyland offers its visitors with a wide selection of rides and attractions. It is almost impossible to run out of things to do while you’re there!

One day might be too short for touring Hong Kong Disneyland (unless you plan on just running past through attractions), so your best bet is to stay in one of the resort’s hotels. Think of it as a staycation and an exploration rolled into one!

If you’re looking for Disney merchandise for your collection or as a souvenir to your friends, then Hong Kong Disneyland is the best place for you. You can splurge your heart out in its many stores. And don’t worry about going hungry while exploring because there are cafes and restaurants inside the resort.​

#2 Explore Lantau Island

Lantau Island

Hong Kong is not exactly known for its greenery, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have its fair share of scenic locations. Take Lantau Island, for example. Lantau is Hong Kong’s largest outlying island. Boasting a unique combination of sandy beaches and shopping outlets, it appeals to the fashion-savvy wanderers.

While on the island, you definitely wouldn't want to miss Ngong Ping, home to the Big Buddha and Po Lin Monastery. You can also visit the Ngong Ping Piazza, the area’s Buddhist-themed square. This square links Lantau Islands many different attractions.

If you want to try something more authentic, then go ahead and visit Tai Ho. There, you can go on a dolphin watching tour. You can also head to the local specialty market to find trinkets and sample the local cuisine. If you get lucky, you might even catch up the Dragon Boat Water Parade.​

#3 Relax in Nan Lian Garden

Nan Lian Garden

Another popular tourist spot in Hong Kong is the Nan Lian Garden. It is located in the Diamond Hill area and spans an astounding 35,000 square meters. The entire garden is built in the Tang Dynasty style, i.e., a one-way circular route manner which allows visitors to see all parts of the garden.

This scenic garden is a breath of fresh air amidst the busy Diamond Hill area and all its high-rise apartments. If you’re feeling particularly exhausted after a long day of shopping and visiting different attractions in Hong Kong, then Nan Lian Garden is a much-needed refuge for you.

Inside the garden, you will find two water ponds, the Pavilion of Absolute Perfection, the Chinese Timber Architecture Gallery, and the Pine Path. It’s a good place to wind down, not also because of the greenery, but also because of its souvenir shops, vegetarian restaurant, and Chinese tea house.​

#4 Cool down at the Ocean Park

Ocean Park

Tourists often go to Hong Kong to visit one of two attractions: either the Hong Kong Disneyland or the Hong Kong Ocean Park. This beautiful theme park-zoo hybrid was opened in 1977 and has been popular ever since. At present, the theme park attracts more than five million visitors every year.

This large theme park covers an area of more than 870,000 square meters. It is divided into two major attraction areas: The Waterfront and the Summit. Each part consists of a variety of aquariums, animal houses, animal shows, restaurants, and amusement rides. You won’t run out of things to do there!

If you want to have a feel of Australia without going there, Ocean Park got you covered in Adventures in Australia! The same goes if you want to see polar animals because Polar Adventures features animals from both the north and south poles. Want something more historical? Then drop by Old Hong Kong.​

#5 Shop in the Street Markets

Street Markets

Hong Kong has a whole lot of shopping malls and districts, but those are not the only places where you can shop. Hong Kong teems with street markets selling all sorts of trinkets, memorabilia, and souvenir items. No trip to Hong Kong is complete without shopping in its street markets.

If you want to score bargains on clothes, shoes, and other garments, then Ladies Market is for you! the market lies along Tung Choi Street and on adjoining side street areas. Most of the stalls are open from noon until midnight, although some shops don’t open until nightfall.

If you want to score bargains on electronic products, then Ap Liu Street is for you. this street market is right next to the Sham Shui Po MTR station and has even cheaper products than the Ladies Market. It’s a great place for scoring large discounts on electronic gadgets, computers, and appliances.​

#6 Climb the Victoria Peak

Victoria Peak

Victoria Peak is the highest peak in Hong Kong. It has an altitude of 1,811 feet and is a well-known landmark of the island. Notwithstanding the number of high-rise apartments and buildings in Hong Kong, Victoria Peak remains the best place to get a bird’s eye view of Victoria Harbour and Kowloon.

The best way to reach the peak is via the Peak Tram, a 120-year-old funicular railway that departs from Garden Road. The way to the peak is scenic, so you will surely enjoy the 8 to 10 minutes journey via tram. The queues to the tram tend to be really long in the late mornings, so plan your trip accordingly.

The upper station of the Peak Tram is the Peak Tower. Different viewing decks are situated on every level, and they are also great places to view the rest of Hong Kong. Also, you can find Madame Tussauds Hong Kong at the second level of the Peak Tower.​

#7 Ride the Star Ferry

Star Ferry

No trip to Hong Kong is complete without crossing the famous Victoria Harbour aboard the Star Ferry. In fact, so popular is this activity that it was dubbed by the National Geographic of Traveler as one of the “fifty places of a lifetime”.

The two banks of Victoria Harbour are now connected by a world-class infrastructure system, but it still hasn’t changed the fact that reaching Kowloon by ferry has a certain romantic feel to it. That said, millions of people still board Star Ferry boats each year just to get an up-close look at the harbor.

The boats cross the harbor all day long, but the best time to board it is just before 8 PM. At this time, the Star Ferry boats stop mid-harbor to allow tourists to take pictures of the Symphony of Lights show. This spectacular show is performed every night and showcases lights, lasers, and fireworks.​


Hong Kong is one of the most popular destinations in Asia nowadays. Its rich culture, in addition to its impeccable shopping options, makes this small area a place certainly worth checking out. No wonder tourists from all over the world flock to Hong Kong – and this is not likely to change soon.

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