How To Get Cheap Broadway Tickets? (#5 Easy Steps)

By Lily Evans | Saving Money

Oct 26
How To Get Cheap Broadway Tickets

If you ever find yourself in New York, you should never pass up on the opportunity to watch a Broadway show. With 41 professional theaters located in the Theater District and Lincoln Center, it’s hard to resist dropping by and watching a performance.

Different plays and musicals are performed all-year-round, so you wouldn’t have a hard time finding a good show. The only downsides would be (1) getting tickets to blockbuster performances and (2) scoring cheap tickets.

​Being a big fan of performance art myself, I understand the pain of visiting New York and not being able to see a Broadway performance. So for everyone who loves theater as much as they love traveling, here’s a quick guide on how to get cheap Broadway tickets.


What You Will Need

Scoring cheap or discounted Broadway tickets might not always be easy, but it’s not rocket science. As long as you have time and patience, there’s a pretty great chance that you’d be able to find great ticket deals.

To follow this how-to guide, you will need the following:

​Ticket to New York

New York

Theater houses often sell discounted tickets on the day of the performance. If you just want to see a Broadway show and not pining over a specific musical, then your best bet is to go to New York and check which shows are currently running.



If there’s a particular show you want to see, then you might want to secure tickets before heading to New York. The same is true if you’d only be spending a couple of days in the city and want to see a Broadway show before heading back home.

Fortunately, there are websites that allow you to join lotteries or purchase discounted tickets. That said, for as long as you have a computer (or any mobile device with an internet connection), there’s a way for you to find cheap Broadway tickets.​

Internet Connection

Since one way of finding affordable Broadway tickets is by visiting websites and online forums, you would need a reliable internet connection. This is especially true if you’re scouring for tickets for in-demand shows or if you’re joining lotteries for limited tickets.

5 Easy Steps

Now that we’ve discussed what you will need to follow this tutorial, let’s proceed to the step-by-step guide on finding and getting cheap Broadway tickets.

Step 1: Plan Your Itinerary

New York Broadway

To determine the best way to get cheap Broadway tickets, the first thing you need to do is to plan your itinerary. If you have a rigid schedule for your New York trip, then you might want to purchase your tickets beforehand.

The importance of seeing a Broadway is also an important consideration. If it's on top of your activity list, then you might want to secure tickets before going to New York. If your schedule is more flexible, however, then you can just think about the tickets once you're already in the city.

Discounted tickets are sold daily. But if you’re planning to see a popular show or planning to watch during peak hours, then you would have more difficulty in finding tickets. You may also have to line up early, so it’s incredibly important to plan your day ahead.​

Step 2: Decide Which Show to Watch

Broadway Show

After planning out your itinerary, the next step is to decide which show you want to watch. As I’ve said earlier, Broadway shows run all-year-round, so you would never run out of things to watch. However, newer musicals are available only for a certain time, so they tend to be flocked by patrons.

If you just want to see a Broadway show for the experience, then I have great news for you! You’d find it extremely easy to get cheap or discounted tickets. So longs as you don’t visit Broadways at a particularly busy season, you’d definitely find seats to a great show.

If you’re planning to see a “hot” show, however, getting discounted tickets might not be so easy. Since a lot of people are willing to pay more just to see a raved-about Broadway show, theater tickets tend to be more expensive and, at times, more limited.​

Step 3: Go to a Ticket Discount Booth

Ticket Discount Booth

Once you’ve decided which show to watch, the next thing to do is to purchase tickets. If you’re already in New York, then you might as well line up at TKTS discount booths and purchase tickets on the day itself.

There are three TKTS discount booths in New York – in Downtown Brooklyn, in South Street Seaport, and in Times Square. The Times Square location accepts credit cards, but note that the other two locations are cash only.

Tickets for the more popular shows tend to go quickly, so make sure to stand first in line if that’s what you intend to see. If you don’t have anything particular you want to see, then you can just check the board for currently showing performances.

For those of you who are not really into musicals, there is a separate (and much shorter) line for non-musical plays. You can usually get tickets from TKTS discount booths at half the price but check the price list first to make sure that it's worth lining up for​

Step 4: Join Ticket Lotteries

Ticket Lotteries

Most Broadway theaters set aside a small number of tickets that they sell for $25-$40 every day. This is especially true for popular shows which are (1) usually more expensive and (2) get sold out fast. Of course, this is not a surefire way of getting a ticket, but it’s worth a shot.

​Note, however, that you can usually only get one or two tickets in lotteries, so you have to plan accordingly if you intend to watch with a group. Also, the more entries you have, the greater is your chance of winning tickets!

Step 5: Find Online Sellers

Discount Website

If Steps 3 and 4 do not score you tickets, or if there’s a show you really want to watch, then it’s probably best to go online. A quick Google search can help you find websites that sell discounted tickets, especially for popular show.

​Joining online forums can also help since a lot of people often have to rush sell their tickets. So long as you’re attentive, you’d most likely get a ticket at a discounted price. As a last resort, you can also throw out an inquiry on social media. You’d be surprised at the response you’d get!

Pro Tips



Watching a Broadway play or musical is an experience you really wouldn’t want to miss! New York, in itself, is already a breathtaking city, but nothing compares to the magic of a Broadway performance. Unfortunately, Broadway show tickets are expensive and not always easy to come by.

But fortunately for you, there are ways to get cheap Broadway tickets! All you have to do is follow the five easy steps above. How about you? Have any Broadway hack? Share it with us in the comments below. Feel free to share this article with your friends and family, as well!

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