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Bordeaux Wine Festival
May 24

Taste Delicious Wine Experience at the Bordeaux Wine Festival in France

By Tomy Evans | Europe

Bordeaux is an international allusion wine capital with a big tradition of wine cultivating and producing. Bordeaux wine has been made in the place since the eighth century.

To celebrate the country wine each two years the France city celebrates a wine festival which draws the attention of more and more visitors who are interested in food and wine, and at annually every edition the festival is developing its international effect.

10 Foods Must Try in Scotland
May 10

10 Foods Must Try in Scotland with Your Family

By Lily Evans | Europe

Scotland is the most amazing places in the world. What arrives in your mind when you think about Scottish food? Shortbread? Haggis, deep fried mars bars or porridge? The food of the local Scotland may not properly possess a reputation for being haute cuisine or fine dining, however, you will be amazed at simply how diverse and tasty the Scotland food is.

The special combination of races which create the ancestors of new Scots both had a big role in making this portion of Scottish culture. The old people were hunter collectors. Scotland is a small state, but it contains huge amount of water in the way of rivers, lakes, streams and sea that surrounds the nation’s keyland and its number of islands.​

Best Italian Travel Guide
Dec 21

The Best Italian Travel Guide You May Not Know

By Lily Evans | Europe

Setting foot in a foreign country is always an exciting but somewhat daunting experience. This is especially true if you’re traveling alone. Fortunately, travel guides are readily available to first-time travelers nowadays. They also come in various types and are available across platforms.

But how do you determine which travel guide to follow? More importantly, how do you determine which travel guide will suit you best? Fret no more because I put together this article to help you find the best Italian travel guide.​

Spain Cities to Visit
Nov 16

The Definitive List of The Most Incredible Spain Cities to Visit

By Lily Evans | Europe

There is something inexplicably romantic and Old World about Spain. This distinctive charm may very well be the reason tourists from all over the world flock to this European country. Not to mention that Spain will keep your eyes happy and your stomach full!

So for those of you who are planning on visiting Spain but are still unsure where to go first, I’ve prepared a handy list of must-see cities in Spain for you to check out. Here are five of the best Spain cities to visit. Trust me, you wouldn’t want to miss them!​

2 Days in Paris Itinerary
Sep 20

How to Plan Your 2 Days in Paris Itinerary Easily

By Lily Evans | Europe

Paris is always portrayed as the city of romance. Its numerous cafes and thriving art scene have been the setting of so many movie scenes and stories. Unsurprisingly, tourists from all over the world flock to the city of love to partake of the famed Parisian charm.

I have fallen in love with Paris the first time I visited it. It was artistic and magical! Unfortunately, the cost of living in Paris, as with the rest of Europe is pretty high. Unless you are ready to splurge, vacationing in Paris for a long time might not be a very good idea.

Whether you are planning on touring all of Europe or traveling under budget constraints, there is a way for you to enjoy Paris in just two days. In this article, I will teach you how to plan your 2 days in Paris itinerary. Trust me, it’s a lot easier than you might think.​

Top 5 Weird and Incredible Tourist Attractions in Iceland
Sep 06

Top 5 Weird and Incredible Tourist Attractions in Iceland

By Lily Evans | Europe

Located at the edge of the Arctic Circle and in one of the most active volcanic spots in the world, Iceland is a breathtaking combination of hot springs and ice glaciers. Its picturesque scenery continues to attract tourists from all over the world.

​Although not yet as popular as other European countries, Iceland does not disappoint. In fact, it has its own share of spectacular views and breathtaking scenery you wouldn’t find elsewhere. For those of you who wants to visit Iceland but don't know where to start, here are my top 5 tourist attractions in Iceland.