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What Should You Know About San Diego Beaches
Jul 05

What Should You Know About San Diego Beaches?

By Lily Evans | America

When I hear “California”, I can’t help but think of beautiful beaches filled with beautiful people. After all, California is all about the sun-kissed glow, the chill vibe, and the glorious sun. Indeed, it is the place to be for that much-needed dose of “vitamin sea”.

San Diego beaches are often my go-to places whenever I need some sun and a tan. But how do you pick which beach to visit? How do you make the most out of your San Diego visit? Read on to find out how you can have the time of your life under the California sun.​

Best Shopping Center in South Korea
Jun 28

The Best Shopping Center in South Korea

By Lily Evans | Asia

On these days there are a number of methods to shop, but getting one that suits into a busy modern lifestyle can be a little bit difficult. Whether you need to get a location to socialize, shop or to get a fun day out, shopping centers contain a lot of advantages.

One of the great shopping centers in Asia, south Korea show number of shopping pleasures, bargain the way from subway seller and street carts to big fashion malls and bright night markets. You can see the most amazing places in the world in South Korea. Here is a list of the best shopping center in South Korea.​

Beautiful Asian Women
Jun 14

Top 5 Incredibly Beautiful Asian Women To Watch Out For (2017)

By Lily Evans | Asia , Beautiful

Asia is certainly a region filled with breathtaking beauty. Everywhere you go, you will encounter beautiful structures and sceneries and, inevitably, beautiful women. As Western media moves towards diversity, we have started seeing more Asian women represented on screen.

In this article, I will introduce you five of some of the most beautiful Asian women who have made waves in recent years. Chances are you have probably heard about them already. You might even be a fan already. So without further ado, here are five Asian women to watch out for!​

Bordeaux Wine Festival
May 24

Taste Delicious Wine Experience at the Bordeaux Wine Festival in France

By Tomy Evans | Europe

Bordeaux is an international allusion wine capital with a big tradition of wine cultivating and producing. Bordeaux wine has been made in the place since the eighth century.

To celebrate the country wine each two years the France city celebrates a wine festival which draws the attention of more and more visitors who are interested in food and wine, and at annually every edition the festival is developing its international effect.

10 Foods Must Try in Scotland
May 10

10 Foods Must Try in Scotland with Your Family

By Lily Evans | Europe

Scotland is the most amazing places in the world. What arrives in your mind when you think about Scottish food? Shortbread? Haggis, deep fried mars bars or porridge? The food of the local Scotland may not properly possess a reputation for being haute cuisine or fine dining, however, you will be amazed at simply how diverse and tasty the Scotland food is.

The special combination of races which create the ancestors of new Scots both had a big role in making this portion of Scottish culture. The old people were hunter collectors. Scotland is a small state, but it contains huge amount of water in the way of rivers, lakes, streams and sea that surrounds the nation’s keyland and its number of islands.​

Best Places For Trekking in Chile
May 03

The Best Places For Trekking in Chile

By Lily Evans | America

Chile has some of the most wonderful trekking adventures in the world. If you are looking to get some really unforgettable adventures, you need to look no further than Chile. You can engage in myriad activities ranging from hiking, hunting, trekking, photography and bird watching.

In addition to the many activities, Chile is endowed by nature with breath taking scenery, which explains why it tops the list of the most wonderful places in the world and the world’s most popular tourist destinations.​

Things to Do in Hong Kong
Apr 04

The Top 7 Amazing and Exciting Things to Do in Hong Kong

By Lily Evans | Asia

Hong Kong is one of the most famous destinations in Asia right now, especially among tourists who want to go shopping. Hong Kong is a buzzing urban region, offering tourists with a splendid mixture of activities, sights, and culture.

Although fairly small in terms of land area, Hong Kong still has so much to offer to tourists and residents alike. No wonder travelers from all over the world flock this region! If you’re planning to visit this area soon, here are some things to do in Hong Kong which will make your vacation memorable.​

What Make the Chinese Customs Special
Mar 29

What Make the Chinese Customs Special

By Lily Evans | Asia

In the last decade, China which is the most amazing in the world has grown to become a major player economy. In some circles, China is even being touted as the next world superpower. Whether that’s possible or not is a matter of perspective but what’s undeniable is the fact that China is the most populated nation in the world ahead of India and United States. And home to some of the most amazing places in the world. The Chinese people are diverse, and their customs reflect their diversity.

Singapore Tourist Spots
Mar 08

Top 7 Most Luxurious And Breathtaking Singapore Tourist Spots

By Lily Evans | Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia has risen into a tourist hotspot in recent years. Its rapid development coexists with beautiful scenery. This is why it's easy to understand why its many island countries continue to captivate tourists from all over the world.

One of the countries perpetually in any traveler’s bucket list is Singapore. It’s well-developed, beautiful, and tourist-friendly. It is truly cosmopolitan, perfect for tourists who want to see racial and cultural diversity in action.

How Many Islands in the Philippines
Feb 08

How Many Islands in the Philippines at Present?

By Lily Evans | Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia has been a very popular tourist hotspot in recent years. The region boasts a selection of delicious cuisine, pristine beaches, and rich cultures. Countries in this region also feature a stunning combination of modernity and tradition.

The entire Southeast Asia is worth exploring, but not everyone has the time and budget to explore all the countries in this region. If you want to make the most out of your budget, you should visit the Philippines. Here, I’ll tell you how many islands in the Philippines and why you should visit them.​