Buying Guide of the 5 Best Tactical Flashlight

By Tomy Evans | Travel Gear

Mar 15
Best Tactical Flashlight

A lot of people become interested in getting tactical flashlights to provide intense illumination even in the darkest places. Did you know that these devices have an original design for military and police officers?

However, these small flashlights provide homeowners the protection they need for their properties these days. You can even use them for hunting and search and rescue operations.

Since many buyers intend to utilize these flashlights in stressful situations, it may be right to know what you need to look for in such devices. So, here’s a complete guide for the best tactical flashlight you should invest.​


How to Choose the Best Tactical Flashlight

Here’s what you need to search for on the device:

Select the Right Material for a Tactical Flashlight​

Select the Right Material for a Tactical Flashlight​

Most manufacturers make tactical flashlights from different materials, including aluminum, plastic, and anodized aluminum.

Although plastic can perform well, aluminum still provides the maximum strength. Moreover, its lightness makes it more advantageous.

On the other hand, anodized aluminum offers an extra layer of aluminum oxide on the exterior.

So, it makes the device tougher to protect it from scratches and scrapes. Tactical flashlights made of such material remain functional and are most reliable when it comes to extreme situations and emergencies.​

Try to Consider the Ergonomics, Purpose, and Weight of the Device

Try to Consider the Ergonomics, Purpose, and Weight of the Device

Tactical flashlights which are lightweight may provide an excellent usability because of their convenience of maneuverability and handling. Users can grab a small flashlight that is ready to work long term without fatigue.

Super light flashlights may also function better when mounted at the top of the hunting gear. It also adds steadiness and less weight in the weapon.

Additionally, tactical flashlights may vary from one brand to another. Users may narrow down the features they are considering the purpose of the product.

Most manufacturers design these devices high adaptability, especially in various situations. The designers focus more on their expertise and produce a larger scale of the flashlight for specific functions.

So, it still in the hands of the clients to choose which factors they value in a tactical flashlight.​

Know the Advantages of LED Bulbs

Know the Advantages of LED Bulbs

Firstly, we need to understand that there are a few types of bulbs. They differ in the light they give off, the cost, and their longevity. Incandescent bulbs use premium quality gas lamps for excellent performance.

Both halogen and xenon lamps offer a high output for the natural lighting and their sizes.

But, the halogen lamp may blacken less as they mature and they may have a long life. Both of them need replacements and may fail in extreme cases. They are powerful and with high performances.

LED lights have a solid construction. A high-impact bulb can last up to 100,000 hours. But, they do not need replacement from time to time. They may run for longer periods on less power. Also, they come in a variety of colors.

The C4 LED come with Streamlight reflectors, and they use other technology to boost the brightness.

Also, they make an extreme beam of light that illuminates through the darkness. There is also a combination of LED and C4 LED. It often crosses the brightness of the less intense rays of LEDs and the light of the Streamlight of C4 LEDs.

However, choosing the tactical device that utilizes the conventional light bulbs will cause errors in the long run. These bulbs often break and burn out so quickly. Any impact may destroy the thin filament giving illumination.

LED bulbs can endure a lot of impacts, drop, and fall that when it smashes, the damage won’t be severe. So, it won’t shatter into pieces in case of severe cases.

The lifespan of the LED bulb will reach up to a thousand hours. Also, their light is stronger than the regular bulbs.​

Understand the Lumens You Need

The more lumens the flashlight will have, the brighter it produces beams. However, it will also be pricey. If the user asks for a short-range illumination, the 30 to 50 lumens of the device will be enough for certain areas.

If you need it for search and rescue operations or other situations that require more lighting, you may need 200 to 300 lumens. The flashlights used to dazzle opponents like burglars may need to provide 500 lumens or higher.​

Determine the Limitations of the Strobe Setting of the Device

Most manufacturers create tactical flashlights that come with a strobe setting. It causes the light of the device to blink quickly on and off. Also, it often confuses your attackers.

But, this is occasionally needed because the setting holds back the opponent and the user. The glare of a high-lumen device will overwhelm the attacker even without the strobe setting.

The on and off of the flash of the device will provide the user a glimpse of the circumstance rather than the constant illumination of the area. But, the strobe setting can also hamper the capacity of the user to deal with the difficult situation.

​Weigh the Drawbacks and the Benefits of the Types of Battery

Weigh the Drawbacks and the Benefits of the Types of Battery

No tactical flashlight functions with less battery. The highlight capacity of the batteries should be indispensable. So, you need to choose between a rechargeable or a disposable battery.

A rechargeable battery uses nickel cadmium, lithium ion, and nickel metal hydride batteries for low functioning circumstances.

So, it is suitable for frequent usage. Plus, it can support LED or even brighter bulbs. It can also store a custom charger holder. But, their initial cost is higher and the battery can self-discharge at a higher rate when you store it.

On the other hand, disposable batteries will either be lithium or alkaline. So, it can last up to 10 years. These cells will provide a longer run time for a bulb power. Plus, they are usually lower when it comes to the initial pricing.

Their costs may be quite expensive than the rechargeable counterparts. The lithium cell will come with high energy density. However, it is more expensive than the alkaline battery.​

5 Best Tactical Flashlight

Here is a list of the best device that offers enough illumination and durability:

1. Tactical Flashlight iCoostor T6 Handheld LED Torches Flashlight

Unique Features

The iCoostor T6 LED Torches Flashlight has a high-quality lighting. It is quite cheap for its quality. Plus, it uses a high-quality, bright LED bulb for intense brightness and right range, making it one of the best flashlights for the outdoors.

You can also use it for emergency situations, tactical use, routine patrolling, search missions, hiking, and camping. Also, you may even use it for cycling, fishing, cave exploring, self-defense, and household use.

It has a useful and high-powered led chip that can last for about 50,000 hours. You can even zoom in and out the focus of the flashlight up to 600 feet. Users can take advantage of the iCoostor T6 flashlight light modes.

You can switch it for different uses. Moreover, it has a convenient IPX5 design which is not only innovative but waterproof.


  • The iCoostor T6 flashlight is very durable. In fact, you can use it in extreme situations, including hiking and camping.
  • The adjustable lens is such a great addition to its features. You can zoom the lens in and out for a clearer light.
  • Also, there is handheld lanyard connected to the device, making it very portable and easy to use.
  • Overall, this is an excellent tactical flashlight for various outdoor activities and emergency cases.


  • The device does not come with free batteries. However, this is just a minor drawback. Still, this flashlight offers you almost everything you need in a tactical flashlight.

2. LuxPower Tactical V1000 LED Flashlight

Unique Features

Whether you want to go camping or take a late night walk, the LuxPower LED Tactical Flashlight is one of the best devices out there. It is not only very reliable to use, but it is also easy to use and durable.

You can even use it around your home or in emergency situations. The light of this flashlight is super bright. Also, you can use it in 5 modes: low, medium, high, SOS, and Strobe.

Additionally, this is water, shock, and weather-resistant flashlight. You can use it for extreme handling in case of inclement weather conditions. You can even let it sink under the water for a few minutes.

So, this device is ideal for hiking, camping, running, fishing, power outages, dog walking at night, and emergency cases.


  • This flashlight can cast out light efficiently than any other devices, making it very reliable to use.
  • The LuxPower LED flashlight is also compact and easy to utilize.
  • Also, this is a rechargeable device. So, you can use it for an extended period for emergency cases like power outages.
  • It can even emit a super bright light. Thus, it can illuminate the area even during the darkest nights.


  • It does not have free batteries. So, you still need to shell off a few bucks to buy the cells.
  • This is a bigger flashlight. Other brands offer the same illumination but are smaller than this version.

3. SureFire G2x Series LED Flashlight

Unique Features

The SureFire LED device has an indestructible emitter that regulates the light to maximize its runtime and output. Plus, it comes with two levels of output.

For the high lumens, it produces 400 for excellent lighting. For the low lumens, it can go as little as 15 lumens.


  • The SureFire LED flashlight has a high-quality output. It produces enough illumination for dark places.
  • Moreover, it is very durable. It has a Nitron body and anodized aluminum bezel.
  • It fits well like a glove in my hand. So, it is very compact and convenient to use.


  • The batteries of this flashlight are one of the downfalls of this device. You have to purchase them at a very high price.
  • It will be so much better if they come with rechargeable batteries.

4. SDFLAYER T6 LED Tactical Flashlight

Unique Features

The SDFLAYER is a super bright LED device. It can even brighten the whole room, and you can use it for emergency situations. Also, this is very practical to use. It has an excellent LED chip and Aluminum construction.

You can turn it to 5 switch modes, including low, full, medium, SOS, and Strobe. And lastly, you can adjust its focus to light a large area.


  • This is a well-made LED flashlight
  • The SDFLAYER flashlight provides a bright light at an affordable cost.
  • You will inevitably fall in love with its durability, size, and power. In fact, it is half the size of a regular flashlight.


  • The case is quite cheap. But, the flashlight has a great value for the cost.

5. Captink T6 Outdoor Tactical Flashlight

Unique Features

The Captink Flashlight comes with adjustable focus, meaning you can illuminate longer ranges with this device. You can also use the different light modes of this flashlight for about 600 feet.

It has an aluminum material that can survive even in extreme cases and temperatures. Also, it is shock-resistant and waterproof.


  • The Captink LED Flashlight is very portable. You can even fit it in your pocket.
  • Also, it produces a super bright light.
  • The device also comes with adjustable focus. You can provide light to different ranges.
  • Lastly, it is easy to use, and it functions efficiently.


  • It does not have batteries upon purchase. So, you need to provide them.
  • The switch does not work well. When I turn it off, it suddenly turns on or vice versa.


If you are an outdoor kind of person, you probably would want to purchase a tactical flashlight. Just like other essential tools, this device will help you in your everyday life.

You see, a perfect flashlight is something you want to invest in before it’s too late. In that case, you need to buy the iCoostor T6 LED Flashlight.

​Not only that you can rely on its portability and durability, but you can also ensure of its ease of use. Thus, this is the best tactical flashlight for hikers, campers, rescuers, and even just ordinary people!



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