Best Snowboard Boots with the Right Flex and Support

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Dec 28
Best Snowboard Boots


Snowboarding can be quite an exhilarating experience. You will also get inclined with the snow, the board, and other elements. However, as you get hurt, all you just want to do is to get over it. Snowboarders often injure themselves because of buying boots that are too tight or too fit. Thus, you need to make sure that your snowboard boots fit snugly and comfortably. But, there are a lot of factors to consider before you pick the boots.

​Snowboard boots should be the very first thing you have to consider before riding the board. You will want boots with the right flex and support. Snowboard boots, aside from other gears, are where you should spend most of your budget. But, you do not need to worry! We have the list of the best snowboard boots to keep you riding comfortably all day long!


How to Choose Snowboard Boots

How to Choose Snowboard Boots

You should select snowboard boots that should match well with your standard style of riding. It should also go properly with the snow conditions that most often occur. Here are some of the variables to consider when picking the snowboard boots:

  • Snowboard Boots Flex and Style of Riding
  • Lacing System of the Boots
  • Foot Beds and Linings
  • Fit, Comfort, and Support

Factors to Consider when Selecting the Boots

  • The Flex and Riding Style of the Boots
The Flex and Riding Style of the Boots

You should aim to obtain snowboard boots that can perform well based on your riding style. Your boots should also be flexible enough to allow you to move properly. It should range from soft to hard. You should focus on your preference when it comes to the flex of your boots. But, the flex should align slightly with the kind of board you usually use.

For boot flex, you should know the flexibility of your boots. You should remember that not all soft snowboard boots depict the same level of softness. But, you should do your shopping personally to make sure that you mark every single detail you want.

You should also check out the boot features, especially its flex. When you do online shopping, make sure that when the item arrives, you must examine the boots and wear them to gauge their level of flexibility and comfort.

For the style of riding, you should know which boots go well with your riding style. Before buying a pair of boots, you should be aware if you will go freestyle, free ride, or all-mountain style.​

Types of Riding Style

All-mountain style refers to terrains that may suit your snowboarding experience. It may include untracked powder, groomers, and park-and-pipe. Almost all of snowboarders use all-mountain style when riding. So, they will need to choose boots that offer more flexibility. For beginners, they should select softer boots. But, for pro riders, they may opt for stiffer models.

On the other hand, free ride covers untracked terrains and groomed ones. However, it may not encompass terrain parks. Freeride style may also refer to big mountain riding. Riders who utilize this style focus more on precision and speed. Hence, they will need a stiffer type of boots. The rigidity of the boots will help create the edge power you will need to glide on the snow.​

​For the freestyle riding, riders often focus on fun and exciting terrains. They usually use rails, pipes, jumps, and tricks. Thus, snowboarders may need boots that they can easily maneuver. Moreover, they may require some fast responses. Hence, you may want softer and more flexible boots.

The riding you do will be favorable to which model of boots you should get. With these styles, you may choose the stiffer boots. For recreational snowboarding, freestyle boarding, and park riding, you may select models which are softer.​

  • Lacing Systems of the Snowboard Boots
Lacing Systems of the Snowboard Boots

Your boot lacing system is also very vital when choosing the right boots. You should ensure that you can lace your boots tightly. But still, you will feel free from blisters and pressure points. Your ankles and heels should stay secured in place with less heel lift. Also, it should fit properly from front to back and from side to side.

Almost all snowboard boots will offer you one of lacing system out of the three: Boa, Quick Pull, and Traditional. Other boots will feature innovative designs that will combine two of the lace systems. Every system will offer handy, fast, and secure performance.​

  • Boot Linings
Boot Linings

The linings of the boot define the whole inner portion of the snowboard boots. These boot linings usually come from ethylene vinyl acetate or EVA. It is a flexible and lightweight polymer that a lot of people recognize as foam rubber. You can also find EVA in running shoes. EVA will provide you proper stability, cushioning, and insulation, especially to fight the cold weather.

Some snowboarding shoes will offer removable linings that they can get from the boots after the whole day of using them. It will allow them to air them out and dry them out faster compared to non-removable linings.

​Boot Linings Have 3 Categories

  • Non-Moldable Linings: These linings are less flexible than other alternatives. Some people also call these stock liners. They provide general stability and cushioning for your feet. As you use them, the pressure of your body weight may allow the lining forefoot part to match your feet’s shape.
  • Custom Moldable Boot Linings: ​These coatings utilize an artificial source of heat to accomplish the natural fit for your feet.
  • Thermoformable Linings: These foam linings use your feet’s pressure and heat to have the custom fit that you want to achieve. They may break in following a day of your snowboarding session.

The Right Snowboard Boot Fit for You

For a good fit of your boots, you should start off by buying your right size of shoes. You should take note that your snowboard boot sizing may be equivalent with the normal sizing of your shoes. However, you should be aware that a size 8 in one model may feel entirely dissimilar than other model’s size 8. So, you may shop for boots during the day since your feet may start to enlarge during the evening and afternoon.

List of the Best Snowboard Boots

Here are some of the top-performing boots on the market today:

1. K2 Men’s Maysis

K2 Men's Maysis


The Lacing system of K2 Men’s Maysis is double BOA. It has a lacing lining of BOA Conda and an Intuition Control Foam in 3D lining. It has a light grip Phylon rubber cushion on the outsole, which promotes comfort and protection. The foot bed is a 3D EVA that contains Harshmellow.


  • These boots are wearable even just going outdoors and indoors.
  • It facilitates proper cushioning, comfort, and protection.
  • The front part of the BOA ring laces the front perfectly.
  • Plus, the side BOA ring also puts together the inner lining.
  • These snowboard boots have insulation with comfortable materials.
  • The boots will keep your heels down comfortably and tightly.
  • The materials are durable and high-quality.
  • An addition to the unique feature of the boots is a molded boot lining.


  • None so far

2. HMK Team Series Men’s Boa Focus Boots

HMK Team Series Men's Boa Focus Boots


It features water-resistant, weatherproof, and breathable materials. Moreover, it contains Sympatex water-resistant and breathable membrane. It has a BOA-focused zonal lacing that you can adjust accordingly. It also has a heated mold for your regular fit, and it has an Intuition closed cell foam lining. The HMK’s outsole is aggressive. It offers perfect stability and traction. And as reinforcement, it has a heel counter, toe cap, and side panel that boost durability.


  • These boots are incredibly comfortable and durable.
  • They keep your feet warm and fit.
  • Plus, it fits right to your usual shoe size.
  • These boots also have a feature for convenient lacing system.
  • Moreover, they offer enough flexibility and good support.
  • A huge plus to these snowboard boots is that you can use it as snowmobile boots too.


  • None so far.

3. Ride Jackson BOA Snowboard Boots

Ride Jackson BOA Snowboard Boots


It has a well-integrated construction. Thus, it creates a super light and premium performance boots. The removable lining has moldings inside the shell to make the most efficient boots. Moreover, it has a BOA technology that adds performance and ease to the boots. It also has the closure system lace and reel. These pull back the slack in the cables of the boots for comfortable, durable, and fast use. It offers an intuition foam that provides support and comfort. Lastly, it has an antimicrobial coating that makes the lightest and warmest lining.


  • The design of the boots is innovative.
  • They provide comfort, stability, flexibility, and support quite well.
  • It will make you feel like the board is an extension of your body when you move.
  • It is extremely comfortable with a reasonable price.


  • The sizing of the shoes is not spot on

4. DC Men’s Lynx Snowboard Boot

DC Men’s Lynx Snowboard Boot


DC’s snowboard boots offer the traditional lacing system. It boasts its contact uni-lite and rubber outsole. Also, it has an impact S-sole and black lining. These boots also provide well-constructed lining and internal ankle harness. Moreover, it has an active ventilation system and wrap-lock hardware. It has a Wolverine waterproof leather. Overall, it provides enough flexibility and comfort.


  • It has a soft, comfortable, and flexible outsole.
  • These boots are true to your usual size.
  • It offers excellent fit and durability.
  • These provide soft flex, and they have similar materials with that of the skate shoes.


  • If you want stiffer and more rigid boots, you may consider another model because these boots are soft.
  • The color of the boots looks brown online. However, in person, it has a hint of purple.

5. Thirtytwo Women’s 86 Feet 13 Inches Snowboard Boot

Thirtytwo Women’s 86 Feet 13 Inches Snowboard Boot


Thirtytwo snowboard boots have imported and synthetic materials. It has a fast-track lacing system. These boots also offer medium to soft flex. Additionally, it contains a skate-inspired rubber outsole and EVA cushion. It is heat moldable with the internal lacing system. Also, it has a 3D molded tongue.

It can pull each single zone and flip the lock. The streamlines also help tighten your boots. You won’t experience frostbites in your fingers, and you won’t adjust the lacing system all over again. The outsoles of these boots will give a lower profile to make you feel better when riding the board. Moreover, it has a heat moldable, intuition liner, and internal lacing will snugly fit your boots. Plus, it is ideal for park riding and freestyle snowboarding


  • Not only that these snowboard boots look incredible, but they also feel excellent.
  • They are less cumbersome to use than other boots.
  • These boots can fit comfortably on your bindings.
  • They can offer the right traction on the snow.


  • A common issue with these snowboard boots is that they have a flat bottom.


Whether you are a pro snowboarder or you just want to gear up for your first season, a pair of perfect boots will improve your experience. You have to realize that every foot is not the same. What may work for you will not apply to other people. Hence, it is crucial that you look for the right pair of snowboard boots.

​Taking the time to find different models and sizes will make sure that your feet will be happy the entire season. With that, there are a lot of choices mentioned above. But, for the best snowboard boots, you have to invest on K2 Men’s Maysis and HMK Team Series Men’s Boa Focus Boots. These snowboard boots will surely give you the right flexibility, comfort, and flex to ride your board all season long

K2 Men's Maysis

K2 Men’s Maysis

HMK Team Series Men's Boa Focus Boots

HMK Team Series Men’s Boa Focus Boots



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