The Best Shopping Center in South Korea

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Jun 28
Best Shopping Center in South Korea

On these days there are a number of methods to shop, but getting one that suits into a busy modern lifestyle can be a little bit difficult. Whether you need to get a location to socialize, shop or to get a fun day out, shopping centers contain a lot of advantages.

One of the great shopping centers in Asia, south Korea show number of shopping pleasures, bargain the way from subway seller and street carts to big fashion malls and bright night markets. You can see the most amazing places in the world in South Korea. Here is a list of the best shopping center in South Korea.​


Starfield COEX Mall

Starfield COEX Mall

COEX mall is the biggest underground shopping mall in Asia. It is situated in the basement of the trade center, positioned in Sameseong Dong in the Gangnam Gu. Shopping center colossal stretches from the station to Bongeunsa temple and is regarded to be the top entertainment and shopping complex in the area.

On the main way, visitors will see the lake foot court with sixteen hotels, the bandi and lunis bookstore, the event court and a number of brand name shops. Visitors can see big international brands of sports and leisure clothing in an area of COEX mall which is run by Hyundai department store.

There are a number of attractions for the people finding for a break from shopping. The megabox Cineplex contains sixteen theaters displaying different types of films while the game champ arcade contains hundred of the recent game systems.

Dongdaemun Shopping Center

Dongdaemun Shopping Center

Ever since its establishment in the year 1905, Dongdaemun mall has been one of the largest markets in Korea, specialized in wholesale clothing, this shopping center has developed large, getting over twenty shopping malls.

A complete range of modern products that cover from the top to the bottom is seen in Dongdaemun market at an affordable cost. There is no surprise the market is often crowded with foreigners, retailers, tourists and consumers. The primary street divides the market into two categories. One is one the Doosan tower and section two is the stadium.

Big shopping centers in section one sell both wholesale and retail items, but a lot of them handle with normal consumers and tourists at retail cost. Therefore they possess comfortable facilities such as money exchanges and details desks with English speaking representative.



If you like Korean food, you do not need to miss taking your way by Gwangjang market in Seoul. This market is one of the perfect locations to experience traditional Korean items and culture under one tasty roof. This market is first introduced in the year 1905 and is popular to be the oldest operating market continuously in South Korea.

It is one of the areas that has withstood and also passed by a lot of generations. Even though this market has been mentioned about in everywhere, it still stays reliable and retains the Korean cultural style, heritage, and beauty.

This is the location in Seoul where you will see both Koreans and tourists. enjoying the similar tasty items. There are some sections of the market and while you are walking you will come to see fresh vegetables, selling clothes and certain random other items



You could afford all day in the teeming day and night market and not look it at all. The biggest market in South Korea, every section has a large number of stalls from dresses to accessories and handicrafts. Its market items are the major highlight with numerous stalls selling dough and shellfish soups, bibimbap, homemade kalguksu noodles.

One of the top places for Korean reminder is the wholesale handicrafts mall in the upper floors, with best discounts on the products you will see in Insa-dong. You can also see some old Korean utensils and cookware, ideal for the dinner parties. Different areas of the market contain the different opening working time, wholesalers are found all night and most of the shops open even on Sundays.



Tongin market possibly become popular because of its place in the high traffic locations, however, over the years, it has to turn out to be famous with tourist for another cause.

Tourists from all parts visit Korea and though a lot of them need to be adventurous and get the spicy and tasty Korean cuisine. Receiving a whole meal without understanding what in the store can be a danger lot of people do not like to undertake. At this market, visitors can choose to pay w5000 and get an assisting of much Korean fare at the best.

Times Square Mall

Times Square Mall

Times Square is a big shopping mall and cultural complex situated in South Korea. It is opened in the year 2009 and plenty of buildings are broken up into hotels, offices, Shinsegae shopping malls, a hospital, wedding and convention halls, multiplex and more.

This mall aims to be a trendy city where visitors can visit and perform everything under one roof. Times Square contains numerous shops to select from and is so famous with young couples who look for shopping.

There are more than twenty big class brands situated in the building and number of entertainment facilities. There are green space and gardens to offer a feeling of tranquillity.

IFC Mall

IFC Mall

IFC mall is a newly opened shopping mall. It contains different types of both Korean and worldwide cosmetic and fashion brands like Jill Stuart, 8 seconds, Hollister, banana republic and several others. On the first floor, there are a number of tasty restaurants.

Now, Jaeil Jaemyeonso that primarily serves noodle is one of the famous eateries in this mall. It is a small mall but looks beautiful. It also contains many places to eat and the best selection of clothing shops. This is the area where you can perform everything under one roof. It has Film Theater, different kinds of restaurants with different types of food choices. This IFC mall is big and clean. It is operated by Taubman Asia and it is a part of bigger IFC project.


There are a number of top shopping centers, all offers several facilities to the visitors. The visitors can also enjoy shopping and get things at one place. There is a big parking facility available, even though more and more people are turning towards online store; these shopping malls still gets its crowd.

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