The Best Places For Trekking in Chile

By Lily Evans | America

May 03
Best Places For Trekking in Chile

Chile has some of the most wonderful trekking adventures in the world. If you are looking to get some really unforgettable adventures, you need to look no further than Chile. You can engage in myriad activities ranging from hiking, hunting, trekking, photography and bird watching.

In addition to the many activities, Chile is endowed by nature with breath taking scenery, which explains why it tops the list of the most wonderful places in the world and the world’s most popular tourist destinations.​


Trekking needs some preparation if the adventure is to be any fun. For one, ensure that you have a health and travel insurance. If you intend to camp during your trek, then a good deal of packing is in order. You will need the camps and mats in addition to all other necessities.

You might also consider purchasing trekking poles- they will provide you with much needed stability especially when you are going downhill. If you have acquired all the requirements of trekking, then here are some places you can have trekking adventures of a lifetime.​

The Atacama Desert Hiking Trails

The Atacama Desert Hiking Trails

The Atacama Desert in South America, which has been labeled the driest place on earth, has some of the world’s best trekking trails as well as picturesque views.

Despite the extremes of temperature in the desert, you will be surprised to see how well life thrives here. As you trek through some of the most famous trails such as the Valley of The Moon, you will be able to see beautiful river gorges and interact with the Indian shepherds who live in isolated communities in the area. Taking the 4500m long Copa Coya will take you above the lovely Tatio geyser.​

On your trek, you will also get to any one of the lagoons in the desert, such as the Laguna Blanca and the Laguna Verde, where you will be met with the lovely sight of flocks of flamingoes. Take photos of the numerous sand dunes, salt lakes, lagoons and all else that nature has in store for you in this desert.​

Lake District

Lake District Chile

There is also the Lake District especially around Pucon where one can get mind blowing scenery of the volcano landscape, Azul lakes and hot springs.

You can also go on a hike through the numerous Araucaria Forests that dot the area .The trek trails around Pucon get very many visitors, and there are countless travel agencies that are dedicated to making your journey a success. Some of the best hiking trails that are stunningly beautiful include the Puerto Varas and the Alerce Andino National park that is situated in the very middle of two mountains.

Lake District stands out as a great place to go hiking because of the breathtaking scenery in addition to the fact that one gets to experience life in all its fullness thanks to the diverse vegetation that thrives in the area.​



For those of you who enjoy hunting, especially in dense forests, trekking the Carretera Austral is the ideal adventure for you. The Carretera Austral begins from the end of Lake District into the snow tipped mountains, glacial streams, swift flowing rivers and dense forests.

It is over a staggering 1240 kilometers long. Some of the best hikes in this Austral include the Jeiniemi, through the Valle Chacabuco to Cochrane, and the Cerro Castillo. Safety is guaranteed since there are hardly any aggressive or remotely dangerous animals in these forests.

Hunters who prefer hunting during the night are also advised to give shout outs as a warning to those who are camping there. So if you like hunting rabbits and hares you are welcome to trek in the Carretera Austral. The locals are a friendly and trustworthy people, so you should have absolutely no worries about them.​


Patagonia Chile

Further to the south of Chile lies Patagonia, a cone shaped mass of land that is endowed by nature with raw beauty. Let your eyes savor the scenic beauty of its rugged terrain as you take long treks through any one of the many trails.

Some of the best hiking trails in Patagonia include the W Circuit in the Torres del Paine Park, the Friendly Paine Circuit, and the Monte Fitz Roy Trails. You can also trek to the Futaleufu River and experience nature in all its beauty.

From the lovely landscapes to the ice glaciers to the forest flora and fauna, Patagonia truly has a feast in store for your eyes. It is without doubt one of the most wonderful places in the world.​

El Morado Glacier Trek

El Morado

The other great place to trek is the el Morado glacier trek. Should you want to admire glaciers then you can hike from Santiago to this place since it is close enough. The other advantage of el Morado is that it is not well known unlike Pucano hence it is likely to be less congested.

Ascending the Andes will take you about three to four hours and you will be finally rewarded with the amazing view of the glacier and its lagoon full of floating ice. The view is a sight to behold, and it is one of the most wonderful places in the world.

Additionally, you will also enjoy the variety of wildlife including birds such as mocking birds and humming birds. Wild land adventures is one of the best tourist service companies in Chile, and can be of great help if you choose to trek the El Morado Trek.

Its trekking routes begin from the historic city of Santiago, Chile, then snaking its way through the dense forests and swift rivers of Torres Del Paine and Los Glaciares national park. It also offers glacier treks among amazing mountains, ancient forests, lakes fjords and grass habitants in the heart of Patagonia.​


If you like trekking, then Chile is absolutely the place for you to go. There are countless trekking trails in different kinds of environments. If your idea of a perfect trek is through the hot desert, then the Atacama Desert is your ultimate destination.

If on the other hand you love the quiet, cool and dense forests, then you are spoilt for choice as there are countless such trails in Chile. Another advantage of going trekking in Chile is the fact that there are countless travel agencies and wild tour services dedicated to making your trip or holiday a success. Not only will you get great help from experienced tour guides, but you will also get to dine and rest in world- class hotels in the country.

Additionally, you will also get to experience the diverse culture of the Chilean people. Without doubt, Chile is one of the most wonderful places in the world.​

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