Selecting The Best Duffle Bags For Travel

By Tomy Evans | Travel Gear

Sep 14
Selecting The Best Duffle Bags For Travel


Business trips, outings, vacays, class get-togethers make you pack some of your wardrobes in your voyage. Although you may have the idea of the things you have to bring, bear in mind of what bag you should use to take all of your stuff in.

In addition, a duffle bag is very convenient and stylish to carry. However, you want something that will hold all of your essentials on your way to a part of the world. Plus, it does not look terrible when you pair it with your traveling clothes.


​When you are always on-the-go for a new adventure locally or internationally, you do not want to purchase a bulky, heavy, and a low-quality travel bag for your journey. Also, it is a must that you think twice or thrice before you get a duffle bag accordingly.

You also need to know what you need in your travel and what to expect to select from different travel bags. To make sure that you choose the best duffle bag for travel, we have formulated some factors that you need to consider before getting one.

Types of Duffle Bags

Traditional Duffle Bags

Traditional Duffle Bags

The conventional type of duffle bags does not have wheels and a pull handle. Thus, it is lightweight than the wheeled duffles. It is also easier to carry and to store because it does not have large parts and it can fold into smaller parts.

Plus, it does not destroy your budget. Also, the bag gives off vast capacity for your essentials. In fact, it can occupy up to 130 liters or 8,000 cubic inches of space. What you just need to do is to zip that duffle bag properly and you are ready to go. These bags are best for students or travelers who are on a strict budget, for hikers, and mountain climbers.

Wheeled Duffle Bags

Most tourists use duffle bags because of the practicality they provide. Moreover, duffle bags with wheels are also an excellent choice for people who do not want to carry heavy bags. If you are always in adventures that need you to gear up with bags of different shapes and sizes, then a duffle bag is very vital.

For travelers who want to pack lightly, you must remember that a wheeled duffle bag may offer less space. However, it allows you to rest and just to pull the bag handle. Duffle bags with wheels are ideal for family outings, road trips with friends, and outdoor adventures that require bulky gear​

Top Things to Consider in Selecting the Best Duffle Bag

Here are some of the top things to consider when thinking to buy a travel duffle bag:

Convenience in Packing

Convenience in Packing

When you are considering a trip bag because of easiness in packing, look for a bag that has a primary compartment or storage with zipper. Moreover, you must also take into account the number of pockets, its size, its shape, and the convenience of putting the things in and out of the bag.

Also, you must look into how easy it is for you to search for your essentials inside the bag. For the main compartment, the D-shaped openings are better than bags with straight zippers.

These duffle bags will allow you to access more capacity. Thus, you must search for duffle bags with D-shape gaps. If you also want a bag with two-section trekking poles, some duffle bags may not offer this feature. With that, it is also very crucial to look into how many pockets the bag has and how easy it is to access the items inside. Overall, what you need to consider first is the accessibility of the duffle bag.

Easy to Transport and Carry

Easy to Transport and Carry

Isn’t it great to transport and carry a bag in three various ways: carrying over your shoulder, carrying and transporting using your hand, and worn on your back as a backpack. Some types of travel bags do not have backpack straps, which is pretty inconvenient when walking back and forth in different airports.

Since duffle bags, with or without wheels, have backpack straps, they offer ease when traveling. Backpack straps attached to duffle bags may have different comfort levels depending on their cushion and pads.

However, most of these bags have all of these selections: carry straps, backpack straps, and sling straps. What’s even better is that these backpack straps are very easy to assemble and remove. Some of these duffles also offer different folding styles to store them.

Additional vital add-ons are compression straps and lashing points to facilitate easiness when fitting in spaces, buses, and tight areas. You must also look for duffle bags with grasping loops in every end to pull them out quickly on transport vehicles, and you can even drag them down in every place you will go.

But generally, the most convenient mode to carry and transport a duffle bag is through its backpack strap. It does offer not only functionality but also comfort and convenience.​

Heavy-Duty Duffle Bag

Heavy-Duty Duffle Bag

When you are searching for the best duffle bag, you must also take into consideration its durability. You should look into its materials, how the manufacturer stitched the seams of the bag, and the zippers they have installed.

A lot of these bags have thick polyurethane, which is known as the most solidly built and waterproof material. However, what you should also put on your list are the bags that have ballistic nylon materials because they are pretty durable.

Weight of the Bag​

The weight of the duffle bag also creates an impact because it determines the limit of your things, especially when you are traveling. You should remember that most airlines would just allow around 50 pounds per baggage. Hence, even the weight of the bag matters greatly. That is why you need to go for a duffle bag which is the lightest.

A Duffle Bag That’s Water-Resistant​

Another important factor to consider before purchasing a duffle bag is its weather-resistance feature. When you are traveling in rainy seasons, it is best to choose a bag that is waterproof. It will be easier for you to carry and drag even in the worst weather condition.

List of the Best Duffle Bags for Travel

With that, we have come up with the list of the best duffle bags for travel. Here are some:

1. OXA Travel Backpack Daypack

Unique Features

  • Made of durable terylene Oxford fabric
  • Linings are water-resistant
  • Made of heavy-duty materials
  • Composed of 10 pockets or storages
  • Quite spacious
  • With dimensions of 13 inches L x 22 inches H x 8 inches W
  • With large capacity of 40 litres
  • Can fit a 17-inch laptop
  • With adjustable chest belts, two shoulder straps, and backpack straps
  • With many sponge padding to cushion
  • With lifetime warranty


  • Exterior and interior materials of the duffle bag can withstand bad weather conditions
  • Can fit into small spaces
  • With lots of storage and pockets
  • The shoulder straps are hidden behind the flap of the bag, which can securely zip
  • It also has a shoulder strap to conveniently carry the bag
  • The handle of the duffle bag is well-stitched
  • The seams are tough and the zippers are large enough


  • Some customers think that this duffle bag is quite heavy to carry

2. Bago Duffel Bag

Unique Features

  • With a fit-all design
  • Fits any nature activities and terrain
  • Suitable for traveling, hunting, tracking, etc
  • With heavy-duty materials
  • Have various colours for any activities
  • With a classic and stylish design
  • Made for men and women
  • It has a smart design to maximise your activities and enjoy your travels
  • With 13 inch x 23 inch x 11 inch measurement
  • With 3289 cubic inches or 53 litres capacity
  • Plus, it comes with a large storage with 2-way openings
  • The 2-way zippers also allow huge opening
  • It is convertible: used as a backpack and as a single sling bag


  • It is very stylish
  • The zippers are also excellent to use
  • The fabric is suitable for any weather
  • This duffle bag is also comfortable to use
  • You can wear it as a backpack
  • Moreover, you can also carry it with a single-shoulder strap
  • The bag has padded straps


  • The bag does not have a waist strap

3. DANSKIN Duffel Bag

Unique Features

  • Comes with a huge main compartment
  • Has an interior organiser
  • Have oversized handles for convenient carrying feature
  • Removable waist strap that is adjustable
  • Also, the interior has a compartment has fleece-line interior for devices
  • With exterior stash pocket
  • With zippers for wallets, phones, and keys
  • The dimension of the bag is 22.5 x 13 x 1 inches
  • The weight of the bag is 1.6 pounds


  • Offers lots of space
  • An economical option for a duffle bag
  • Also, it comes with a well-built interior and exterior
  • It is comfortable to carry and transport
  • The pockets and zippers match altogether


  • Cannot carry bulky outfits to the gym and outdoor sports

4. eBags TLS Mother Lode Mini 21 Inch Wheeled Duffel

Unique Features

  • Made of Polyester/Fabric
  • Has a lifetime warranty under the brand
  • Built with premium quality materials, handles, and wheels
  • The upper compartment dimension is 21 inch x 14 inch x 3.5 inch, while the lower chamber size is 21 inch x 14 inch x 1.5 inch
  • With expansion zipper that adds space for packing
  • With YKK zippers that include photo-reflective cords and Lockable D-rings
  • Additionally, it comes with a locking telescoping trolley handle that extends its height
  • With organisational details
  • The weight of the bag is 10.8 pounds


  • A well-designed duffle bag
  • It has an adjustable divider in its main compartment
  • You can also access the front of the chamber from the exterior of the bag
  • The items in front are accessible during security checks
  • Has zip pockets that are perfect for storage
  • Easy to see and access compartments
  • Moreover, it is easy to carry and transport because of its wheels
  • The handles allow you to transfer the bag quickly


  • The bag does not have an installation video for faster installation and organisation
  • The holder of the bag cannot join correctly. Thus, they leave a gap inside the holder that prevents the rod from going inside the interior

5. S-ZONE Oversized Canvas Leather Trim Travel Tote Duffel

Unique Features

  • Comes with a large main pocket to hold your clothes and necessities
  • With a main compartment pouch pocket for your wallet and cell phone
  • With front storage, that serves as a small secret pocket
  •  With durable zippers for easy closure and opening
  • With soft canvas
  • With high-quality genuine leather trim
  • Next, the bag dimension is 21.7 inch L x 14.8 inch H x 10.2 inch W
  • With large capacity
  • With innovative design
  • With lightweight materials
  • General use for men and women
  • Used as traveling bag


  • The heavy canvas and the leather can hold through and are very durable
  • Also, the duffle bag is very fashionable
  • It is well-made
  • The bag’s stitching is in the right places
  • The extra pockets inside are perfect for small items
  • Also, it is an excellent size of bag that may fit everything you need for a week or so
  • Can even fit up to 4 jeans, a pair of shoes, and other clothing
  • The manufacturer securely placed the trimmed leather
  • The main zipper of the bag opens and closes properly and widely


  • Some clients complain that the bag does not have any structure to it. Thus, your clothes will easily scrunch up


If you select the right duffle bag for you when traveling, you will not have to worry about how uncomfortable and uneasy it is to carry and transport. Duffel bags are no longer a gear that you just use when hitting the gym or going on a hike; they have also become convenient travel bags. Some duffle bags have accessories, including retractable handles and wheels. Some just go with handle straps and backpack straps.

​For the majority of the customers, they have chosen the OXA Travel Backpack Daypack as the best duffle bag for travel. But, why is this so? They are ideal for long trips locally and internationally. They also fit nicely in overhead compartments.

Another thing that uplifts this product among the rest is its durability and comfort. Additionally, it does not strain your arms and shoulders even if you carry it for long distances. Plus, it also comes with a lot of compartments, storages, and straps for convenience.



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