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By Lily Evans | Travel Gear

Apr 26
Best Sleep Mask

Experts claim that above half of adults in the U.S. do not achieve the suggested 7 to 9 hours sleep each night.

They say that lack of sleep may significantly impact our brains and bodies. And although sleeping pills may be one of the greatest solutions for inadequate sleep, they alter our brains stages of the sleep cycle.

Another way to fight a lack of sleep at night is through using sleep masks. These sleeping tools are efficient and straightforward solutions for sleep disturbances.​


​Whether you want to rest in your bed or traveling for long hours, sleep masks will block disturbing light. Plus, they will help your body attain the production of melatonin. It is a hormone created to help your body fall asleep regularly.

But, the question here is, which sleep mask will do the work for you and will be perfect for your nap and sleep? Most people may not have many experiences when it comes to using this sleeping gear.

Others may have used the low-quality type provided free of charge by airlines and hotels. These freebie masks may be difficult to put on your face.

Some may not even work well to block light. Fortunately, this guide will give you the list of the best sleep mask to help you fully regain the regular sleep pattern.​

Features to Look for in a Sleep Mask

Not all masks have similar features that make them perfect to use. But, here are some of the features you need to check out when you go shopping for this gear:

Light-blocking Ability​

Light-blocking Ability​

The primary purpose of a sleep mask is to block the unwanted light from disturbing you while sleeping. You see, the darkness stimulates your body to make melatonin. It is a hormone that will instantly make you sleepy.

But, the problem here is that not all sleep masks have the capacity to have total darkness or blackout. It may be okay for some, but for others who hates light while sleeping, this may be an issue.

Other people just want to add up sleeping masks to make their dark rooms even darker. Some want to cover the little amounts of light coming out of their room curtains or from the door.

So, what they need to do is to purchase a simple mask that can hide your eyes. Then, it also blocks out the light that you do not want when your goal is to fall asleep completely. But, take note that some light may still sneak in around the sleep mask.

If you want to have your power nap in your bright office during your lunch break, you may want to consider picking one of those which blocks as much light as they can.

What you have to consider are the fabric and the fit. These will make all of the differences in your sleep mask, especially in blocking the light. So, you may opt for a sleeping gear that you can wear and try before purchasing it.

A Mask With Customizable Fit

For an optimum level of darkness, you may want to focus more on the fit of your sleep mask. You should pay close attention in areas, especially around your nose, where most of the light creeps in.

High-quality covers come with small flaps of fabric just around the nose area. They will guide the fit of your mask in the size of your face.​

A Mask That Considers Your Eye Shape​

Mask That Considers Your Eye Shape​

You may have missed this feature when it comes to sleep masks. The slight force that traditional sleep tools create on your lashes and eyelids may alter your REM sleep. So, it will lead you to wake up exhausted from your long sleep.

That is why other masks have designs with eye cavities or eye recesses. It will prevent the tool from getting into your eyes.​

The Feel and Fabric of the Sleep Masks​

Sleep masks come in different materials, including cotton, satin, silk, and memory foam that will take the temperature and the shape of your body. Because the mask will be close enough to your skin, you have to make sure that your top priority is the comfort.

Also, you should consider any allergies, temperature, and how convenient you can clean and wash it.​

Other Features You May Consider

Other Features
  • An adjustable, soft strap that will not entangle your hair.
  • Ear plugs that will obstruct all of the noise.

Benefits You Can Get From Wearing Sleep Masks

Benefits You Can Get From Wearing Sleep Masks

It Keeps Off the Light

A well-made face mask can do a lot when it comes to improving your sleep. A high-quality mask is an efficient method to keep out the light. If you want to fight your jet lag or have a quick nap, then you need to consider buying a sleep mask.

The Masks Help You Sleep Anywhere You Like

You can use your sleep masks anywhere you desire, from an airplane or a train to the hotel to the hospital. Also, they can function well to obstruct the outside light in your room.

Moreover, it will allow you to sleep during your break at work comfortably. Other employees will use sleep masks for a quick nap at the workplace. Not only that it helps you meditate, but it helps you relax.

​Tips and Tricks on Purchasing Sleep Masks

Before you go to your local shop to buy one of these gears, here are some tips you can use to guide you find the best sleep mask:

​Consider the Fabric of the Mask

Ask yourself: how does the fabric of your sleep mask feel when it touches your eyelids when you put it on? Make sure that the material promotes comfort and is soft enough not to hurt your eyes.

Which Do You Prefer: Eye Masks With or Without Cavities?​

Other masks have designs that come with cavities, so you can open your eyes if you want. Some covers do not have holes and may provide a little pressure on your eyelids.

Consider Your Sleeping Position​

You must also ask yourself: what position do you usually use when sleeping? Do you sleep on your back or do you position yourself on your side? The factor is very crucial because some sleep masks are better for back sleepers while others are not.

As a side sleeper, you may have a mask that is comfortable enough and can have a snug fit. For back sleepers, do not get covers that come with closures on the back of your head. These gears will get too visible when you are trying to sleep.​

Best Sleep Masks For You

Here is a list of sleep masks you should purchase to improve your sleep:

Kfine 3D Sleep Mask

Unique Features

  • The Kfine 3D Sleep Mask is not only completely breathable, but it is also very lightweight. The design of the mask allows ventilation so that you won’t mess up your makeup.
  • Moreover, it is only 30 grams so that you can carry it anywhere you like. It also comes with smooth and soft materials to promote deep sleep even during humid weather.
  • Kfine masks have 3D designs and facilitate a no-pressure-on-the-eyes tool for immediate sleeping.
  • Its design thickens the canthus and lifts the nasal bridge to make sure that you acquire comfort on your nose and eyes. So, you can relax your eyes in the darkness without feeling uncomfortable at all.
  • The sleep mask also comes with interior memory foam and exterior polyester fiber to offer you with high levels of comfort. Kfine also blocks out most of the streaming light in a room.
  • Its design makes sure that no light will enter the mask. Also, it is portable for traveling, napping in the workplace, etc...
  • Then, it comes with adjustable and soft elastic Velcro placed on the back of your head. The Velcro is approximately 3.54 inches, and it sticks well without messing your hair.


  • The 3D Kfine mask will make you feel that you are in complete darkness even early in the morning in your room. So, you can sleep enough.
  • The mask is also very comfortable to use. It won’t leave any traces in any areas of your face after use.
  • Moreover, the contoured form of the mask will allow you to open your eyes without touching it.
  • Then, the nose piece is such a great addition, especially in blocking the light. So, if you have a hard time sleeping in a well-lit room, I would highly suggest using this mask.


  • On the other hand, what I do not like about this mask is that for side sleepers like me, this may be quite challenging to use. It will take some effort to put the mask in a comfortable position. But, once you are at the right angle, then everything will be alright.

Sleep Mask by aDreamSleep

Unique Features

  • The aDreamSleep mask promotes comfort when sleeping. It is such a soft mask with adjustable sizes. In fact, it can fit both men and women, as well as kids.
  • You can use it during your shifts at work, traveling, meditating at home, or even resting somewhere else. Moreover, it comes with an adjustable strap that gives comfort on your head.
  • Also, the Velcro strap won’t come off easily when you move around while sleeping.
  • What this tool promises are a 3D contoured design to fit your face shape. So, it can protect the contour of your face and will not touch your eyelids and eyelashes.
  • Also, it won’t put pressure on your eyes. So, it will assure you of a boosted REM sleep. What’s even better is that the product comes with two pack. So, you can share the other one with a friend, to your loved one, or a family member.


  • What I love about this mask is its contouring. It won’t let the light pass through any parts of my face.
  • Also, it is extremely soft and comfortable to use.
  • It won’t feel hot on my face. So, I am assured that I will get enough sleep.


  • Although it boosted my sleep, after a few weeks of using it, the strap of my mask fell off. I have to sew it just to use it again.

Sleep Mask by Bedtime Bliss

Unique Features

  • The Bedtime Bliss mask is soft and comfortable to use. In fact, it has cotton and bamboo material to block out light. So, you will feel relaxed when you are asleep.
  • Moreover, it is durable and versatile. So, it is ideal for both men and women, kids, and workers. It will surely help you relax while in darkness. Also, it is ideal for meditation and relaxation, especially during travels, naps, and long sleep.


  • If you are like me, who has trouble sleeping almost every night, you need to purchase this mask. Not only that it is durable, but it is also very comfortable.
  • What I like about this mask is that it won’t put pressure on my eyes and nose when I am sleeping.


  • There is a small light peeping through my nose when I use this mask. I do not know why. Maybe it is because of my face shape.

Hamalaya Natural Silk Sleep Mask

Unique Features

  • The Hamalaya sleep mask has a light-blocking capacity for efficient relaxation and sleep. Plus, it comes with 100% silk material that is ultra lightweight. The natural silk is also great for super sensitive skin.
  • Also, the mask has an adjustable strap that can fit different head sizes. But, what’s unique about this mask is that it already comes with a satin pouch. So, it is portable that you can carry it anytime and anywhere.


  • I am someone who is very light sensitive. But, this mask executed pretty well. It kept me in the dark even during the day when I am sleeping.
  • What I also like about this one is that the pads are not heavy at all and the mask fits well with my face.
  • Also, the strap is adjustable. So, the mask will take the shape of my face.


  • But, after two weeks of use, the strap of this mask broke off. However, I was able to fix it.

Jersey Slumber 100% Silk Sleep Mask

Unique Features

  • The Jersey Slumber sleep mask has top quality materials, mainly made of silk. So, it will surely improve your sleep. Also, it will leave your eyes relaxed. Plus, the silk material is soothing and breathable to your skin.
  • It is ideal for your home use, travels, and any room with intense lighting. The strap of this mask is also adjustable, so it promotes proper fit and comfort.


  • The sleeping mask is so soft. Also, the feel and the fit are just enough for me.
  • The coverage of the sleep mask is awesome. In fact, it kept me well-rested in the darkness.
  • Also, it is durable and breathable. So, it will give your face some room to ventilate.


  • What I do not like about this mask is that the strap started to break in the first week. Then, it completely fell off during the second week.


When you use a high-quality mask, it will surely boost your relaxation and comfort when you want to rest or sleep. A sleep mask is an efficient way to block out the light from a bright room.

However, if you are having troubles finding the right one for you, you may try the best sleep mask we can recommend.

You may try the Kfine 3D Sleep Mask. Not only that it is durable, breathable, and comfortable, but it will also block the light from any sources. So, at night or during the day, you will be in total darkness to promote your sleep.​


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